Kamis, 22 Januari 2015

face masks from nature

Beauty tips-if you want to always look beautiful but are too busy and didn't get to perform beauty treatments facial notaben take a long time. Here are some instant beauty tips that you can try meyisihkan it only took a few minutes from the busy time.

Treatment of facial masks one of the beauty treatments that take a long time. But with the right ingredients you can do so with a fairly short time.

The following article beauty face masks that can make the face shine with instant.

1. Mask Orange/grapefruit and yoghurt.
Combine orange juice, half a cup of yogurt, deng this mask will contain AHA works gently eliminates dull and raised the dead skin cells. Yogurt can soothe the skin and contains lactic acid that can be mengankat dead skin cells.Orange juice is rich in Vit C helps brighten skin. Use for 10 minutes and get a smooth porters and bright.

2. Mask of Mint and cloves
Not only does this mask refreshes and lightens skin, but mengilangkan stains and small spots drastically. Take 3 rods and 6-7 cloves mint leaves and puree. Combine a little bit of water, apply on face and biarkan15 minutes. Your skin will feel tense, and rinse with warm water, finish off with toner and moisturizer.

3. Milk and Honey Mask
The lactic acid in milk works raised the dead skin cells while the honey helps moisturize the skin. Mix one teaspoon of milk and honey spoon setengan, apply it on the face and let sit 15 minutes. The last rinse with warm water.

4. the mask of Oatmeal and milk
Combine a cup of oatmeal and a quarter Cup of milk. mix until a paste like olehkan on the skin, let sit for 10 minutes and wash with warm water. This function masks mengelupaskan dead skin and nourishes the skin.

5. egg and olive oil Mask
Combine setengan and cup olive oil 1 piece of egg yolks, stirring constantly until the mask such as mayonnaise and apply on face. After the mask is dry, wipe with a warm towel and rinse with warm water.

All natural mask can be made yourself with materials easily found didapur. When you're in a hurry and don't have time, you might try this mask. Things to note before using this mask, be sure and have no allergies terhadapat materials to be used, as it will make your skin allergies, decide you do not want to right?

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